The best Utility Locator is an excavator bucket…

There’s a running joke in our industry that the “best” utility locator is an excavator bucket. While it’s guaranteed to find utilities (with potentially explosive results), we prefer a less destructive approach. Trust us, it’s safer—and cheaper—to let us find those utilities before you bring in the heavy machinery.

The Confidence of Utility Maps

Rather than playing a high-stakes game of “pin the bucket on the utility,” our utility locating services provide you with the peace of mind you need before any excavation begins. With our utility mapping service, we’ll then show you what’s lurking beneath the surface so you can dig with confidence.

Minimize Planning and Design Costs

Surprise underground utilities can result in costly reroutings and redesigns. Our service can help minimize civil engineering and design costs by providing a detailed map of what’s underground, allowing you to plan your work effectively and avoid unpleasant financial surprises.

Utility Map 101

A utility map is a detailed diagram of the underground utilities and structures in a given area. This includes information on the location of pipes, cables, and other infrastructure, acting as a kind of “x-ray” for the ground you’ll be working on.

Utility maps are created using a combination of techniques, including GPS technology and electromagnetic cable and pipe locating devices. We’re equipped with Trimble DA2 equipment that provides maximum precision of the GPS points. It’s lightweight, convenient, and powered in the field using an off-the-shelf USB power bank or any USB-C equipped field device.

We’re Pointman Certified

We use Pointman, a patented cloud and mobile mapping software application, to capture, record, and display the location of buried utilities with precision that would make a surgeon envious. This modern software integrates seamlessly with our Trimble DA2 equipment and offers numerous benefits such as improved workflow efficiencies, maintaining regulatory compliance, and real-time data visibility.

Deliverables: What You Get

We provide you with a utility map that captures the location of underground utility assets our team has found and documented. The data from our maps can be exported in various formats, from PDFs to CAD/Civil 3D allowing you to use it in a way that best suits your project’s needs.

Included: Field Markings

Satellite Imagery