Advanced Reporting

See Exactly What’s Underground With Utility Potholing

2M Locating’s utility locators use electromagnetic location and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to identify and locate utility infrastructure underground, but sometimes these methods are not enough.

The only way to know the exact location, depth and size of some utilities is by potholing and excavating until the utilities are ‘daylighted.’

Potholing, hydro excavation and vacuum excavation are three techniques utility locators use to reveal the location and features of utilities underground.


Our utility potholing services provide precise location and mapping of underground utilities, ensuring safety and efficiency for any excavation project. Using non-destructive digging techniques, we offer a solution that minimizes risk and maximizes accuracy.


What is utility potholing?
Utility potholing is a process of safely exposing underground utilities through non-destructive digging to confirm their exact location and depth.

Why is potholing important before excavation?
Potholing prevents damage to existing utilities, reduces the risk of service interruption, and ensures the safety of the excavation crew and the public.

Is potholing necessary for all construction projects?
We recommend potholing for any project that requires excavation near known or suspected underground utilities to prevent costly damages and delays.

How does potholing benefit project planning?
Potholing provides accurate data for construction plans, helping to avoid unexpected obstacles and to design around existing infrastructure.