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Campus Subsurface Utilities Map (CSUM)

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CSUM Example

  • Cut off service
  • Endanger workers
  • Incur expensive delays in construction
  • Cause environmental harm, explosions or leakages

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What types of utilities do you locate?

We locate all underground utilities including:

  • Gas lines
  • Electric lines
  • Water lines
  • Sewer and storm lines
  • TelCom, Fiber & Communication lines
  • Irrigation lines
Why call you when 811 is free?

811 only works on public property, so they will mark the utility lines to your property line. From there you need a private utility company like 2M Locating.

When preparing to dig on Sonoma County, if you fail to locate and identify any underground utilities, the results can be expensive and disastrous. 2M Locating’s underground utility locating and mapping services give you much more precise and accurate information than what you can obtain from public utility locating services.

Our highly skilled technicians use the latest equipment and technologies so that you will have the information and data you need to confidently proceed with excavation and construction.

What's the cost and how soon can you get me scheduled?

The cost of each project depends on 3 factors:

  1. The number and type of utilities needing located
  2. The project size, location and complexity
  3. The deliverables requested

There is a project minimum charge of $600 (which 90% of residential jobs fall under).

We can get you scheduled normally within 24-48 business hours. Rush jobs are available for an additional fee.

Please request a quote to find the exact price and how quickly we can schedule your job.

Customer Testimonials

“Above and beyond the call of duty. 2M Locating even took drone shots of our project showing their freshly painted utility markings from a birds-eye view. That is incredibly valuable to my excavation team.”
-Kevin Post / Ursa Engineering / Redding, CA

Underground Utility Locating Services

Vaccum Excavation / Potholing Service

Digital Utility Mapping