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We started 2M Locating because we recognize the critical importance of accurate locating. Lives depend on the results. That’s why we do the job right with full attention to detail on every job we do. No shortcuts. No distractions. Our sister company, Morrow Surveying, relied for years on the services of subcontracted private utility locators. We realized that by creating 2M Locating, we could execute much better utility locating ourselves while also providing top-notch service to others in our industry and related fields.

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Who We Work With

  • Architects
  • Civil Engineers
  • Contractors & Excavators
  • Government Fed / State / City
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Private Property Owners
  • Utilities & Water Districts
  • Universities & Large Facilities

The Good People of 2M Locating

Our Leadership

About Us

Matt Morrow

CEO & Cofounder

About Us

Chris Post

President & Cofounder

The 2M Locating Story

Sacramento natives and high school friends Matt Morrow and Chris Post took different paths in their early business lives. After graduating from college, Matt went into land surveying while Chris went into sales and digital marketing.

Flash-forward 25 years… After life taking some wild turns, Matt and Chris reconnected in early 2020 and began reflecting on their complementary skills and passions and brainstorming potential collaborative opportunities.

Matt had always been fascinated by the work done by the utility locators he subcontracted for his land surveying jobs. He appreciated that they helped prevent damage and accidents from occurring on job sites.

After thoroughly researching the industry, Matt proposed the two friends start an underground utility locating business that would allow them to leverage their mapping, marketing and technological know-how to help keep building industry workers safe and keep construction jobs on schedule.

Chris loved the mission from the start and after doing more research, he felt that Matt was really onto something as a lot of the existing utility locating companies were either using outdated technologies, charging lots of money for really small amounts of work, or both!

2M Locating was born out of these conversations.

As our business and team grow, we wake up every morning focused on one goal: preventing damage and accidents on job sites by accurately locating, mapping and documenting underground utilities.

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Our History

We Go Way Back!

Matt & Chris Graduate High School Together

After graduating from Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, California, Matt and Chris went off to CSU Fresno and Chico respectively.

Matt Becomes CEO of Morrow Surveying

After growing up shadowing his father, getting an advanced education in geomatics and doing every job in the company, Matt took over as CEO from his father.

2M Locating Is Born

After reconnecting during the COVID quarantine, the two old friends reunited and launched 2M Locating.

Matt & Chris Graduate College

They launch their careers, Matt joining his father's surveying company and Chris going into commercial real estate and eventually launching a marketing agency.

Chris Sells Post Modern Marketing

From home office to 4th fastest growing business in the Sacramento region, Chris sold his marketing agency & spent the next 3 years traveling & consulting.

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